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Artist, artisan, barely there clump of meat parts. I adore making things out of anything I can lay my clammy little mitpies on.

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I started making jewellery & other crafty things about three or four years ago. Starting with cutesy, kitsch kind of stuff, & then made a jump towards more Victorian, Steampunk & Gothic designs, dabbling with a bit of silver along the way. I've taken commissions for my work & the majority of these pieces are one of a kind.

Friday, 5 July 2013


"Dirigible" is a waaaay cooler word than "airship"...  This isn't an Airship, it's a Dirigible. No, you can't fly it, it's made of brass, brass & bronze & oh look, there's some copper chain... 
That's a brass corrugated bead, bead cap, bead cap, bead cap & a connector. All put together to form something that, in my humble opinion, is rather pleasing to look at. It's not a delicate little thing, this isn't your mummy's pearl necklace (........) it's a substantial hunk of brass goodness that measures 2 inches across.


Important Date

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."
Don't be late for a very important date with this little watch necklace!
Bronze Quartz watch, with a cute little liddell bunny-wunny hanging, from the bottom,
with cream glass pearls half way up the bronze chain.  

Cogs Device

It's like some sort of mad-scientist device that you can wear! Brass, & copper & bronze, oh my. 
This little beauty comes on a very smashing copper delicate belcher chain, finished with a solid brass clasp. Spiffing!
Features cogs, gears, intricate backing thingy-ma-bobs, more brass do-whats-its & that device-like weird spinny thing at the bottom, with one heavy-ass brass ball charm.
The stuff dreams fine Steampunk jewellery creations are made of. ;)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Vintage Style Hairband

It's pretty, it's in a vintage style. As vintage as you can get with little resin flowers, bronze tone hairband blank &, oh look, a sparrow sits on top of it all... There's a surprise... I thought i'd end today's update with a bird-themed goody.
Vintage style hairband, little resin flowers adorn the side in dusky rose & cream with a little brass sparrow bird on top.

Vintage Style Brooch

Sometimes pretty things are needed, a break from scary mechanical wonders, spiders & steam.
This is a vintage style brooch. I like this vintage style stuff, I know, I know, jumping on the trend wagon... But it's so pretty & girly...

A little brooch, with bow pin, a bronze tone setting with little resin flowers & faux pearls, with a tiny brass butterfly on top.

Mechanical Heart

I love, & I mean love as an obsession, the only thing that love can be. But not in some weird, dodgy way... I love anything that reminds me of Victorian curios, science & tinkery. The only way in this steam-powered world to fix a broken heart is with gears, cogs & screws, dammit. We just need a test subject now... Maybe we could abduct a bum off the street... Or we could do a Herbert West & dig some up...

Brass heart bead, with tiny screws, gears & cogs from a watch, on a solid brass chain. It's all solid, it's all brass, the only way really.

Monocle & Butterfly

I know the title isn't the most creative, i'll try to come up with something more fitting soon.
Anyway, this is another antique optometry lens, with tiny brass butterfly, brass flower charm & key. With a pretty floral connector, on a bronze plate chain, with solid brass bolt clasp.
She lay down her monocle, next to her botanical illustrations & this tiny, curious butterfly came to rest upon her eye glass.