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Artist, artisan, barely there clump of meat parts. I adore making things out of anything I can lay my clammy little mitpies on.

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I started making jewellery & other crafty things about three or four years ago. Starting with cutesy, kitsch kind of stuff, & then made a jump towards more Victorian, Steampunk & Gothic designs, dabbling with a bit of silver along the way. I've taken commissions for my work & the majority of these pieces are one of a kind.

Friday, 5 July 2013


"Dirigible" is a waaaay cooler word than "airship"...  This isn't an Airship, it's a Dirigible. No, you can't fly it, it's made of brass, brass & bronze & oh look, there's some copper chain... 
That's a brass corrugated bead, bead cap, bead cap, bead cap & a connector. All put together to form something that, in my humble opinion, is rather pleasing to look at. It's not a delicate little thing, this isn't your mummy's pearl necklace (........) it's a substantial hunk of brass goodness that measures 2 inches across.



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